Sunday, 20 April 2008

BPP "Hardmen" Hit The Pavement

The Hardline British People's Party, a small band of bedwetting, alcoholic idiots were given a reminder yesterday not to take the people of London for granted. Once more (and as always), the gobby gobshite Peter Williamson was on his toes, leaving his comrades to peel their hardmen off of the pavement.

Welcome to London, BPP scum! And ES, mind out for cars next time you're doing a runner in wet underpants.

Below: Peter doing what he does best; hiding behind a woman.


Anonymous said...

Congrats to stopping the NF and BPP fascist scum in south-east London today. No surrender to fascism! Unfortunately, nazi NF scum have a candidate in my area and I'm kinda of pissed at this. But, I'm glad that the NF and BPP have got a taste of their own violent medicine!

No Platform said...

Yes, congrats to the lads and lasses at Antifa.

Go out an campaign if you want to stop them at the ballot box.

Slopey – the NF’s protruding mass of flesh. said...

According to the nazi pondlife on Scumfront, the NF scumbag taken to hospital is called Slopey!

According to the Urban Dictionary, Slopey is defined as either:

‘A protruding mass of flesh. Usually resembling a breast’ or

‘a male breast(s) that sag in such a manner that when viewed in profile, they appear to slope like a ski jump’.

Fitting descriptions for a NF loser.

Smash The Reds said...

brace yourselves you communist cunts coz we're bringing it around. See you soon in the Shakespear you red cunts.