Wednesday, 16 April 2008

This Drunk Wants To Be Mayor!

The uninvited BNP candidate for the London Mayoral elections, pulled himself out of a pub last week to gatecrash an election night at Friends' Meeting House, Euston.

Porn Producer, idiot and all around lush, Barnbrook stumbled into his seat wearing his unwashed suit and shouted from the back of the room that he had a right to be heard. His main problem was, most could hear him and giggled at what they thought was some old dosser.

Dyslexia may be a common excuse, but even the plonker that is "Tricky Dicky" should have been aware that the only candidates invited were those that worked in the borough of Westminster. (Why they held it in Euston then, is beyond us!)

Just have a look at this drunken troll:

No wonder the dancing ballerina (sic) prefers the tepid advances of the "Leeds Rhino" (that's a reference to his nose, not his cock)to the Barking Idiot.

p.s. When is the wedding of the year?


Anonymous said...

Brilliant, Dicky has been living in that suit for 5 weeks now to my certain knowledge, you can see the drink dribbles down the front of it. the only things he seems to keep clean are his shoes, must have a foot fetish...probably why he has made a play for a ballerina, silly boy he should have looked at her feet first.


God I hate the BNP said...

What a frigging dickhead Richard Barnbrook is. He’s such a twatus maximus.. I hope this nimrod par excellence doesn't get a seat in the London Assembly - full of damn self-importance to the extent that people snigger at him. God I hate the BNP.