Tuesday, 1 July 2008

A Toothless Insincere Gimp!

Richard Barnbrook is a cynical, devious, shallow-opportunist and low life.

This time he has dashed in his bat mobile across town to try and make political gain from the tragic and senseless murder of sixteen year old Londoner Ben Kinsella.

Richard is very concerned because Ben is white. The cynical piss head, who makes a living out of creating racist misery for the people of London, took no time in getting to Islington, north London to parade himself as some sort of saviour of the (white) youth of London.

He pulled the same sick stunt last month, when he went as far as Kent, to attempt to grab the headlines when another youth was stabbed to death, 18 year old Harry Potter actor Robert Knox. Yes, the alleged killers are reportedly black in both cases. That's what Barnbrook wants you to know about these murders.

We won't dignify their pathetic attempt to portray a sweeping problem as some kind of "ethnic cleansing" by black youth on white youths by showing their pathetic video, but it's needless to say that Barnbrook is in his usual attire coincidentally standing outside of a pub.

Once more Barnbrook is urging Mothers to join with him in a campaign against knives. Exactly what an ignorant, bumbling, alcoholic can do to stem knife crime seems to be irrelevant. He cannot even control his bladder, let alone crime in London.

He claims that if he is elected to parliament he will end knife crime "immediately". What a cynical, shallow, gutless ponce on the miseries of decent people Richard Barnbrook and the BNP really are. Not only is it a bare faced lie that he could (or would) be able to do such a thing, it is an insult to All of the Mothers and Fathers of All of the young people in London who have fallen victim to this dire and senseless epidemic of brutal and indiscriminate thuggery.

Barnbrook's current dental problems sum him up as a man and as a "politcian".

Barnbrook, you are a toothless gimp and a charlatan. Anybody allowing their kids anywhere near you, a man who keeps Mein Kampf under his bed, and your sick friends would obviously be in need of a mental health check.


Denise G said...

He explicitly called the crime "racial" without any qualification. Aren't there grounds there for a complaint to the Standards Commission?

Anonymous said...

i agree with denise surely there are grounds not only for a complaint to the Standards Board but also to the police, as i would certainly say that Dickys comments were of a racial nature....and my understanding of the new Race Relations Act is that it is the victim or anothers interpretation or feelings that are taken into account.


Anonymous said...

Is Barnbrook really toothless? He looks a witch.

Anonymous said...

have now heard a version of how Dicky lost his tooth, well done that Welsh Rugby team.