Sunday, 13 July 2008

Eddy Ready To Do A Runner

BPP founder and notorious alcoholic Eddy Morrison has gone to ground in light of the recent conviction of his race-hating pals, Simon Sheppard and Stephen Whittle

Not a good month for the glue sniffers and perverts of the BPP. Eddy has left a message on his blog shite saying "sorry folks... there is little point in me continuing this Blog".

Martyn Gilleard, one of their Yorkshire organisers was recently convicted of having a bomb under his bed and 39,000 "images" of children.

That "ZOG" is a real bastard isn't it? Nevermind the "sorry" Eddy, just don't do it again.

Pic: Eddy Morrison of the BPP with Gilleard, one of a number of paedophiles attracted to the organisation.


Anonymous said...

Morrison - tough talk & fuck all else.

Mr Fister said...

How many kiddy fiddlers have been exposed in the BPP now?

kate mcdermody said...

bar stool