Monday, 9 June 2008

A New Shirt For Dagenham Dave

Forget "I love Sharon" or "I love Karen" on the window screen. For this summer, you must know what we mean, Philosophy Football has produced the T-shirt in which to be seen.


Anonymous said...

Im sure Dicky will love it, at least its a start on getting him a new suit.

No further bids have been made on the whip round so we are still at £1.50 and as good as ebay is there is nothing going on there.


Mr Fister said...

Good shirt etc, etc

How about putting Dicky´s bed sheets up after Griffin´s visited to see if he really is a virgin?

Anonymous said...

Where & to who exactly does the money raised from these shirts go?

No Platform said...

The money is ploughed back into community projects and campaigns.

Philosophy football by either t-shirt help or practical help, make themselves very available to groups who may benefit from what they do.

Philosophy football also run nights to raise money for groups like the International Brigades. Some of their fund raising nights raise tremendous funds to help veterans for instance.

Like it or lump it, t-shirts are a bit of a cash cow, so I am also pleased to say that they are ethical and with a heavy emphasis on being educational.

I know of four projects that have received funding from Philosophy Football.

It is a valid question and the answer as such is one of the reasons we do not advertise LMHR t-shirts.

Anonymous said...

The shirts are produced by Philosophy Football. This one isn't a fund raiser - we make it clear when they are - but it is being used to promote both Searchlight and Hope not Hate.

As a company we produce newsletters and postcards to promote Searchlight and Hope not Hate, we email our customer databases, we designed - free of charge - the Hope not Hate logo - we organise and fund ourselves Hope not Hate nights. And we also regularly donate funds to Searchlight out of profits from the Hope not Hate T-shirts.

We're proud of the small contribution we make. Its just a shame companies much, much larger than us don't do a fraction of any of this.